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When is the Best Time to Peek at Your Baby?

Click on Your Due Date to Begin

Our unique 3D/4D ultrasound calendar will show you exactly when to make your appointment(s) with an ultrasound facility.


Click your due date on the calendar, then refer to the shaded date ranges and the detailed descriptions below.

Week 20-25
Gender Determination

Week 26-28
Best Viewing

Week 29-32
Good Viewing

Week 33-37
Unpredictable Viewing

Week 39
Your Due Date

Week 20 - 25: Gender Determination

Find out if it is a baby boy or a baby girl. To ensure 100% accuracy you must be at least 20 weeks and receiving prenatal care. Sometimes the sac on a boy does not drop until 20 weeks.

Week 26 - 28: Best Viewing

Make your appointment during this time and you may see amazing activities such as him playing with his feet or her giving a big yawn after a quick nap. Often times you can even catch your baby looking right back at you! Many facilities love the 26-28 week time frame.

Week 29 - 32: Good Viewing

Want another peek? There is still fairly good movement during the 29-32 week period. If you have already had a 3D 4D Sonogram at 26-28 weeks or if this is your first time, this is your second best opportunity to make an appointment. The sooner the better... so don't delay!

Week 33 - 37: Unpredictable Viewing

After 32 weeks, it becomes very difficult to get a good view due to the limited movement of the baby at this time. Some facilities have successfully completed 3D 4D ultrasounds all the way through 37 weeks, but these results are not typical. You may still be able to schedule an appointment during this time, however, please be aware it is unlikely your session will be as successful as earlier weeks in your pregnancy.

Week 39: Your Due Date!

Congratulations on your new baby! Now you can see your new little one in person and compare him or her to your 3D 4D Ultrasound images!

An Important Note

Your may notice that our calendar is different from other pregnancy calendars you may have used. Our calendar shows the best time for your 3D/4D ultrasound. The best timing for a 3D ultrasound differs from a standard 2D sonogram due to several factors including how much room is available in the womb.

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